Internet Access Systems for Major Hotels

Wi-Fi Hotel combines quality, reliability, convenience and independent management. The ingredients for the perfect system.

Today, more than ever, large-scale hotels need an Internet access system for guests that is reliable, powerful and able to meet all the needs of their customers.

Hotels oriented to businesspeople as well as locations used by holiday travellers simply must offer Internet access as one of their guest services. And, unlike in the past, there can no longer be any compromises: customers want to enjoy a fast, stable connection that works in their room as well as in common areas, using any device.

And what is more, often they are not accustomed to paying anything for this service. All free.

What might seem unusual is becoming a widespread practice globally: more and more facilities are deciding to offer unlimited, free Internet access to their guests. It’s a fact: in 2017, the competition in hospitality is being played out on the Internet and over Wi-Fi.

Quality and cost: being able to provide an excellent service in a large facility, completely free of charge, is the challenge that no major hotel can avoid facing.

Some, in order to offer a free service to customers, compromise on the quality of the system and the connection. Others choose to offer a paid service, perhaps charging prices that are too high. Still others rely on third-party service providers, giving up their freedom to manage their systems and making themselves vulnerable to customer complaints about the excessive cost.

All are practicable scenarios, but each has numerous drawbacks.

Is there a scenario without disadvantages? With us, there is!

Wi-Fi Hotel is the solution. The features of our product, along with our pricing model and our many supply methods, are the basis for the ideal scenario:

  • since we made Internet access systems in areas open to the public our main business, this allows us to offer quality solutions and advanced functionality at prices that less specialised companies cannot offer;
  • the costs of installing a Wi-Fi Hotel system allow a facility to choose calmly whether to offer the service free or upon payment: the return on investment is assured in either case;
  • the facilities that choose Wi-Fi Hotel are completely independent in determining how to supply this service to their guests: there is no service provider that they in turn have to deal with;

And, in addition to being independent and convenient, Wi-Fi Hotel is also the most advanced system on the market: the most suitable for the needs of large-scale hotel facilities.

Among the many features that Wi-Fi Hotel offers are integration with the most varied PMSs and hotel management systems, room billing, sending credentials over SMS, voucher management, payment by credit card, and much more.

Are you responsible for a large facility, and do you want to improve management of your guests’ Internet access system? We are happy to consider your needs. The contact button, our chat application and our toll-free number are waiting!

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