Our Hardware

The best in technology to guarantee reliable, high-performance service

The hardware we use to implement the networks underlying every Wi-Fi Hotel system is the product of constant choices between equipment made by the most important brands, the search for the best dependability and the best ratio between price and performance.

And that’s not enough: each product is available in many versions, suited to different applications and different budgets. From the needs of major hotels to those of a small tourist facility, Wi-Fi Hotel’s hardware can meet any requirement, in both features and cost.

These are the primary types of devices used for Wi-Fi Hotel’s solutions:

    • HotSpot Gateways

These are at the heart of every Internet access hotspot system. The gateway is installed at each facility and, interfacing with Wi-Fi Hotel’s remote software platform, it manages the most important parts of providing the service: user authentications, the ‘plug & play’ connection for any device without needing to modify any settings, timing the accounts and any fees for the service.

The choice of the model to use in each installation is made according to the largest number of simultaneous users that the Wi-Fi Hotel’s system is expected to serve: from a few dozen simultaneous connections supported by entry-level models suited to small locations, up to thousands of simultaneous users managed by enterprise-class equipment that is made for large installations.

Some of our certified brands: ZyXEL, HP, Cisco, Aruba Networks, Wi-Next, Mikrotik, Nomadix and others.

    • Wi-Fi Access Points

When Internet access is provided to guests wirelessly, the access points make up the distribution network, ensuring coverage in areas where you want the service to be available.

The equipment chosen to work on Wi-Fi Hotel’s systems have in common a guarantee of professional performance in any context.

They are available both as stand-alone units in the small business class and as enterprise-level systems that are centrally managed by Wi-Fi controllers; indoor and outdoor equipment, operating over cable, supplied by PoE or mesh technology (layer 2 or layer 3).

    • Switches, firewalls, routers

These are active network devices that complete the Wi-Fi Hotel infrastructure: they manage the service’s distribution on the infrastructure via cable, the interconnection of broadcast and control devices and the linking of every system to the Internet.

Confused? Don’t worry: it’s our job to design the best Internet access solutions on the market. We can recommend the best solution for your needs, without complications and completely ‘turn-key’.
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