How Wi-Fi Hotel Works

Easy for managers, easy for clients

Simple to manage, simple to use. Ask our clients … and yours!

Preparing an integrated Internet access system for your guests means:

  • for your facility, having complete control of the performance of an important service like connection to the network;
  • for your users, being able to use a fast, simple system to go on-line with any device.

Here is how the Wi-Fi Hotel hotspot service works for the facility and its guests.

How it works for the facility

With Wi-Fi Hotel, the facility sets up a complete platform that is used to manage every aspect of providing Internet access for its guests, with the simple and independent ability to configure:

  • how the service is provided: free or paid;
  • the length of time to assign the account to customers;
  • the system for distributing access credentials: manually, by SMS, using vouchers or scratch cards, or with credit cards;

… and lots more.

An easy-to-use Internet-accessible Web control panel, through which you can monitor all the parameters for the feature of the system and configure every aspect of the service. Accessible at any time and from anywhere, without having to install any software locally.

How it works for your users

In facilities where a Wi-Fi Hotel system is working, your users have an easy life: they can connect with any device and do so very easily!

  • Those who use Wi-Fi devices (laptops, smart-phones, tablets, etc.) do not need to do anything but go to a part of the facility covered by the network and connect. They will be automatically redirected to a portal page that has been customised for your location. From there, if they already have an account, they get direct access to the Internet, or get their access credentials according to the allocation system the facility selects.
  • Those who prefer to use the service at facilities with cable connections can simply connect their computer to a network socket and choose from the initial page the navigation package that they want. In this case, too, it is the facility that decides how to allocate the credentials and whether to make them pay for the service or not.

The users never have to change the settings on their computers or ask your staff for help: the hardware and software used by Wi-Fi Hotel guarantees plug & play access and is suitable for any network configuration on the users’ devices (proxy, DNS, gateway, static IP, SMTP server, etc.).

Easy, isn’t it?

Contact us if you want more information on how your users connect to your network. The button below, our chat feature and our toll-free number are at your disposal!

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