Internet Access for Hotels and Hospitality Facilities Has Only One Name: Wi-Fi Hotel

Simple, complete, affordable and up to date

Statistics show it, our clients confirm it: today, an Internet connection is at the top of the guest requirements in any hospitality facility, from hotels to camping, holiday apartments or holiday villages.

Wi-Fi Hotel is simply the best solution to the needs of any facility in the hospitality sector that wants to fully satisfy its guests’ wishes in terms of Internet access.

Wi-Fi Hotel is:

  • the easiest system to use: it works with any device, over Wi-Fi or cable, and provides for any possible access method by your customers.
  • the most complete hotspot software platform on the market. This is the truth. The software underlying Wi-Fi Hotel is the state of the art in terms of public Internet access systems.
  • the simplest and most effective business model. Our systems are sold, installed and maintained only by us. Our clients use them freely, without restrictions of any kind. Easy and consistent.
  • the best hardware in any situation. A business hotel of 200 rooms and a bed & breakfast with 5 rooms have different needs, different customers, different budgets. We know this, and we have chosen hardware of different classes to be adaptable to any field of application.
  • the easiest solution to install. Every facility is different. The thousands we have already installed have taught us to manage installations in the fastest, most practical way.
  • constant support for facilities and their customers: for immediate answers when there are problems or breakdowns.
  • the most affordable solution on the market. Because affordability counts, and having specialised in hotspot systems allows us to be the most competitive on the market.

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