Internet Access Systems for Groups of Hotels and Hotel Chains

The Internet plays a fundamental role these days for hotel chains. Wi-Fi Hotel is the most practical and dependable solution

It is hardly necessary to note how Wi-Fi or cable Internet access service has become almost taken for granted by the guests of hotels belonging to a group or a chain. Almost a commodity.

Today, hotel chains and groups of facilities under one brand make the availability of Internet access for their customers one of the most important values in their sales strategies: whether they attract business or leisure customers, Internet access is among the services that guests appreciate the most.

If, until a few years ago, the game revolved around whether to provide Internet access in hotels, now the playing field is different: the quality of the service, the speed of the connection, the support for guests, Wi-Fi coverage and the price of the accounts are what make a difference.

Even business management models are often obsolete: providers, off-market rates, the impossibility of facilities to break out of multiple-year contracts, revenue sharing. Or the ‘do it yourself’ systems. All things of the past.

Today, a hotel industry brand must be able to make their guests’ Internet access system into a selling point. We know this well at Wi-Fi Hotel. We work with dozens of hotel groups, large and small, and we have learned to recognise the typical needs of chains, and of their customers.

Wi-Fi Hotel is the most effective response to the needs of hotel chains in terms of Internet access in hotels: our software platform and our high-performance, reliable hardware are the state of the art in public Internet access, with features that are unequalled on the market.

From the possibility of interfacing with almost any PMS and hotel management system, to Micros Fidelio certification. From complete independence in managing the service to the availability of constant support for both the facility and the customers, even 24 hours a day. From offering many possibilities in the way we provide service and billing to flexibility in handling financing for investments.

If you manage IT for a group of hotels and you are looking for a partner to implement version 2.0 of your Internet access systems, we believe we are the best-qualified option.

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