Wi-Fi Internet access systems for any kind of location open to the public

WiFinity is the Wi-Fi system created to manage the Internet access and the marketing automation for locations which have nothing to do with the hospitality world. Check out all the possible scenarios in which WiFinity is the right choice for you!

The system is perfect to be used in:

  • metropolitan areas;
  • fairs and convention centers
  • ports and marinas;
  • shopping malls;
  • hospitals and clinics;
  • schools and universities:
  • shops and retail chains;
  • companies locations of all types and sizes;

WiFinity allows you to control every single aspect of guest Internet access in any location open to the public.

It also comes with powerful communication features, thanks to which you can transform any WiFi hotspot into a powerful channel for marketing and advertising.

Discover all the application scenarios and possibilities that WiFinity has to offer! Check out www.wifinity.it

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