Wi-Fi Internet access systems for camp-grounds & campings

Wi-Fi for guests must be among the range of service that modern camp-grounds offer.

Campers in the new millennium are very different from those of the past. While camping used to mean tents, caravans or Spartan service, things have changed … in a big way!

In many cases, today’s camp-grounds are about comfort and luxury: real villages having in common a tourist orientation and the possibility of staying in close contact with nature.

The evolution of camping in recent years also involves the services offered: if pup tents and campers have been joined by bungalows, cottages and housing tents, Internet access for the guests is now one of the amenities that must be offered.

Many camp-grounds are equipped with simple Wi-Fi access points located in the areas with the highest traffic, but today customers ask for more: they want to connect to the Internet from anywhere in the camping area and want to be able to do so quickly and with any device. And so, now, this is how they spend rainy days!

Wi-Fi Hotel means Internet access systems for any hospitality facility, not just for hotels: we offer solutions designed specially to meet the typical needs of camp-grounds … and their customers.

Outdoor access points, wireless mesh networks to guarantee extensive coverage in areas where cables cannot be run, completely automated methods of managing hotspot services (SMS, credit cards, scratch cards, etc.) and full independence of management: these are just some of the strengths that make our solutions the best for creating true Wi-Fi camping.

And there is our experience as a market leader, because covering an entire camp-ground and providing a service that must truly be a service is something that can’t be improvised!

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