Wi-Fi Internet Access Systems for Holiday Apartments

When the longest average guest visit involves more complex needs in the way of Internet connectivity. This is Wi-Fi for Holiday Apartments

Like hotels, holiday apartments and residential-type hospitality facilities have seen a rapid rise in customer demand in recent years for hotspots and fast Internet connections.

Offering a Wi-Fi or cable Internet connection to the guests of a holiday apartment, however, is different from providing the same service to guests at a hotel.

In holiday apartments, the guests generally stay longer, and often customers live in the same unit for weeks or even months.

Long stays cause customers to use Internet access in different ways: in addition to the quick consultations typical of short-stay facilities, there will be the more common web services used at home: watching streaming videos and films and downloads of music, programmes and large files.

All of this is extremely important to consider during the design phase of a new Internet access system for holiday apartments or when upgrading an existing system. The Internet bandwidth available to users, the dependability of the hardware and the distribution of services and extent of coverage with Wi-Fi networks are more important factors.

Wi-Fi Hotel is the most advanced solution on the market for hotspot connectivity for residential hospitality facilities. Our years of experience gained in the field of public Internet access and our many installations of Wi-Fi infrastructures for holiday apartments allow us to respond expertly to all kinds of requirements for Internet connections at facilities of this type.

If you manage a holiday apartment complex, a dormitory or any kind of residential facility and you want to offer Internet connectivity to your guests in a convenient, effective and profitable way, contact us for a free consultation! The request button below, our toll-free number and our chat application are at your disposal.

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